“What’s Your Goal?”

If you are in this page, you are probably looking for efficient ways to achieve better results with your music. 

In today’s world we are full of free resources, but there’s One big truth behind this: Losing focus is pretty common in this digital and immense world and, for this reason,  9 musicians out of 10 are not reaching the desired results. 

This frustrating approach is definitely not healty for your artistic journey and getting good results is almost impossible if your focus is set on “Consequences” instead of “Goals” 

For this reason, i truly believe that sharing my knowledge, skills and technical aspects with you can help your music to finally match your Goals, without the risk of losing focus and precious time. 

Whether you are a bassist who wants to improve his technique or an artist looking for collaboration or help on broader issues (like social-media, personal-branding and multimedia creation skills for musicians), i want you to remind that music is a path of continuous discovery and self growth. 

I truly believe that discussing these aspects with people like me, who are applying this skills on a daily basis with good results, is the best way to achieve real-life improvement. 

If your Goal is set on “improving your music” , i can help you understand what’s the fastest and most efficient way to achieve your desired results. In this way you can avoid time/money consuming and inefficient ways  that can negatively affect your motivation and music results. 

Tell me about your journey, the challenges your are facing right now, the things you want to learn and sharing with you all the resources you really need for improving your playing or music career will definitely be my pleasure. 

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